Can I do personal training if I haven't trained for a while and am unfit?

Yes! Personal training is for everyone. It is the perfect way to regain your fitness in the most economical amount of time. Your trainer will be able to scale your program to your current fitness level.

How does my training program begin?

Your training program begins with a 1 hour initial consult. In this session your trainer will dig deep on your training history, health status and your goals. We will also execute detailed body metric and fitness testing in this session to obtain your benchmark health level. From this session we will be able to customised your personal training program to maximise your results.

What if I have injuries?

Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers will be able to work around your injuries to help you achieve your goals. We have an extensive list of allied health professional we work with that if we need we can consult with to assist with your injury.

Are my workouts tailored?

Yes! Your workout is tailored to your goal, body type  and training experience. No workout of the day at FTC. Your customised experience is the cornerstone to exceptional results.

How long are your personal training sessions?

Personal training sessions are for 45 minutes, at a minimum of once per week.

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